Why Swift Sensors?

Swift Sensors is a leading supplier of wire-less sensors systems for real-time monitoring and notifications of facilities and equipment. Sometimes called the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

The convergence of wireless communication, long battery life, powerful sensing technology, secure cloud storage and mobile computing have made low-cost wireless sensors a critical element of opera-tional efficiency programs, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), reduced downtime, and loss prevention.

The Swift Sensors wireless sensor system gives you real-time updates and notifications for your facility and equipment.The Console, viewable on a   computer, tablet, or smartphone, gives you access to all live and historical sensor data. Console analytics provide tools for mea-suring compliance, utilization, and efficiency.

The Swift Sensors product family includes a comprehensive line of small, wireless sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, motion, vibration, water detection, distance, door open/close, power, gas and others. Each wireless sensor is powered by a replaceable coin cell battery or can be AC/DC powered.

The Swift Sensors Bridge connects with all Swift Sensors within range and securely transmits sen-sor data to the Swift Sensors Cloud through Wi-Fi, Ethernet or Cellular using 256-bit AES encryption. GPS tracking is also available for mobile and transportation applications.



Swift System

Our plug-and-play system is designed to be rapidly deployed. There are no wires to connect and no software to install. Your Swift Sensors system will be up and running the day you receive it.


  • Industrial Monitoring
  • Food Processing
  • Cold Chain Monitoring
  • Restaurants and Hospitality
  • Building and Property Management
  • Critical Facility Monitoring Datacenters
  • Food Storage
  • Greenhouses

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