RCare’s Rapid Deployment Wireless Nurse Call Kit

When there’s a national health crisis,  RCare can help you be ready.

Designed exclusively for emergencies, RCare’s Rapid  Deployment Kit is an easily installed, reliable, nurse call system in a box. It can be deployed in just 5  minutes and is easy to operate, which is particularly  helpful as patient volume rapidly expands. 

The plug-and-play system is preprogrammed by our expert technicians and ready to be used right out of  the box. It includes one small touchscreen server, one  pendant for each resident or patient, and four pagers. Only one internet connection is needed. No landlines  are required.


The kit is fully programmed for up to 40 patients a nd 4 caregivers. Expansion kits are available.

Patient beds are outfitted with clip-on placards that  correspond to patient call buttons, so caregivers know  which patients are calling. RCare’s G4 platform  provides best-in-class range to cover even the largest  of campuses and deepen building penetration. UL  1069 version is available.


Contact your Channel Manager today to purchase a   kit or to learn more.


Fully programmed for up to 40 patients  and 4 caregivers. Expansion kits available

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