Control of Boarding Passes and Self Boarding Doors

Automatic boarding doors with integrated sensors offer:

Secure access control for authorized passengers to airport boarding areas.
The built-in barcode reader makes a quick collection of data, whether in print or digital format.
A screen with green and red lights guides passengers on how to proceed in the boarding process. Limiting access to one passenger at a time.
The complete system detects the passage with luggage automatically and prevents accidents from occurring. The gates also facilitate the passage of passengers who opt for self-boarding, under the supervision of the airline’s personnel.

Anti-Return Aisle

The transition from the landing area to the public area requires strict safety requirements. The anti-return aisle is monitored by a sensor system and has quick opening doors. Passengers can quickly and easily reach the exit, while unauthorized persons cannot enter the security zone.

Automatic, manual and rotating doors

The passenger experience begins when you enter the terminal and we offer a complete line of automatic doors, manual systems and revolving doors to meet any requirement. Revolving doors protect the interior of the terminal, as well as accept large volumes of people and luggage. Automatic doors can be used both at the entrance of the terminal and in the lounges, ensuring modernity and comfort. To complete, the sliding door system, manually opening and soft closing, has integrated locking function.

Door-closing and anti-panic bars

Door locks are intelligent, comprehensive solutions that combine consistency, convenience, design and excellent quality. The complete product portfolio meets a wide spectrum of demands and offers solutions for virtually any unique door requirement. Emergency exits and escape routes must be released easily and immediately. The anti-panic bars for exit doors that are designed to meet all established safety standards.


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