Specialized solutions for your Hospital Project

With the aim of continuing to cover the needs that the hospital sector in Latin America requires. ISTC continues to update and offer the best technologies and solutions to be a strategic ally in the security sector and in the health sector.

The needs and challenges that the hospital sector has been presenting in Latin America have allowed the arrival of new solutions and manufacturers in the security industry that bets on a sector where priorities in health solutions are necessary to guarantee and promote people’s quality of life.

Meanwhile, the challenge for ISTC Corp is to be able to expand its portfolio and lead the new changes that the hospital sector is currently demanding worldwide, to update the sector and come with specialized solutions to one of the markets with the greatest projection for development and growth they have in Latin America.

Hand in hand with manufacturers, ISTC Corp promotes new and updated solutions in the market that enhance the sector and provide technological coverage in each of the clients’ needs. Hence, accompaniment and joint work with integrators and end users make us leaders in the design of hospital projects in Colombia.

Among the most representative solutions of the specialized portfolio can be found brands such as: RCare, who since their inception have been committed to innovations in easy-to-learn and easy-to-use technology, have been able to lead global wireless nurse call and personal response systems to emergencies for the entire spectrum of elder and elderly care. RCare components are integrated into a variety of healthcare communication systems to create efficient and verifiable responses to medical emergencies. RCare works with distribution partners to build individualized, flexible, and seamless systems to improve both the quality of life for caregivers and residents.


Like ADTRAN, its portfolio and promise of value guarantees that companies providing public and private health services can implement fiber networks that are prepared for the future and can meet the demands that a hospital operation backed by a robust access network. and high capacity. From the comprehensive management of the IT & Connectivity line, ISTC supports with the design and consulting in projects that require a robust infrastructure, as they have been doing in Colombia with one of the leading projects in the country’s capital, built with the highest efficiency standards, which aims to establish itself as a sustainable institution over time, a benchmark in the country and in the region.



For the medical and sanitary industry together with ISTC Corp there are already several clients who have implemented in their projects the solutions that Ditec offers in the access automation sector, offering a complete range of gates, pedestrian and fast doors, where the hermetic offer from Ditec is increasingly recognized as a perfect solution for operating rooms and operating rooms



We are leading providers of specialized systems for the hospital sector.

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