In response to a growth and strengthening market with technological diversification for all sectors. ISTC Corp works every day to offer and provide the best security solutions. Thus, expanding the portfolio of solutions in response to the needs that the industrial sectors of each country demand and promote in the incorporation of new and robust technologies.

That is why the international growth that Ablerex has had as one of the most innovative independent companies, makes it stand out in the sector for the experience, design and manufacture of energy protection / backup products, as well as renewable energy and storage products. where the investment of its resources is reflected in the research and development of its products.

Ablerex constantly represents product development in emerging markets where energy transformation ensures greater power stability, power quality, and green energy for global markets.

Its core products include uninterruptible power systems, active harmonic filters, photovoltaic inverters, wireless systems, battery monitoring, power monitoring, and power management systems.

That is why we highlight Ablerex as the world’s leading manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) in the automation and security sector in our portfolio in the energy and connectivity category. Being a factory that complements the solutions of different verticals of public and private segments with a solution that provides clean, stable and reliable energy, making it the best option for homes, data centers, educational and hospital sectors, among others. With this, Ablerex has a great projection of commercial growth, mainly given by its investment in resources destined to research and development with products that offer cutting-edge technology, quality and competitive prices, managing to lead the technological reinvention in all the industrial sectors of a country. with the development of products in emerging markets.

This is how the alliance between ISTC and Ablerex has the dynamics of structuring projects and strategies in Latin America and the Caribbean, supporting each other commercially and technically in each of the countries where ISTC Corp has a presence, achieving a joint understanding and contributing to the development and continuity of customer satisfaction and opening in new vertical markets.


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