Perimeter Surveillance Radars

Spotter Perimeter Surveillance Radars are the world’s first advanced Compact Surveillance Radar (CSR) System for perimeter, ground, air, sea, and drone detection leveraging artificial intelligence. Spotter radars are manufactured and made in the USA.

They protect critical infrastructure, increase awareness, and save lives, their solutions are based in wide-area detection and tracking, which provides advanced warning and response through automated alarms. Using cutting edge radar technology, pinpoint the GPS location of potential intruders around your property, tell PTZ cameras where to look in real time so they’re never looking in the wrong direction when you need them most. And we integrate the alarms into systems so that you get the alarms how you need them.




  • Airports
  • Border Lines
  • Bridges
  • Commercial Facilities
  • Construction Sites
  • Data Centers
  • Fish Farms
  • Gas Compressor Stations
  • Government Facilities


Prison Protection

As new threats present themselves, security solutions must adapt to developing technology. Contraband has always been a worldwide threat to prisons, but its methods of entering prisons have evolved over time. Drone technology, responsible for a large amount of these increasingly harmful issues, is making existing security solutions ineffective.

The new security threat, become airborne, makes fiber fences obsolete in the detection of smuggled contraband. Fiber fences are difficult to integrate with the various other technologies commonly used at prisons but have inherent issues of false alarms which decrease the efficiency of the entire system.


Seconds can make a difference. SpotterRF provides operators with a 24/7 all weather monitoring solution that will augment their current systems to detect activity both inside and outside of the AOA (Airport Operations Area). SpotterRF offers customizable solutions that meet customer requirements.

Detecting inside the entire interior as well as the exterior of the perimeter, SpotterRF radar is perfect for providing forensic evidence (video verified alarms) of intruders and suspicious behavior. With an open design and already existing integrations to all major VMS platforms and surveillance equipment, airports spend less time, money, and resources to secure their perimeters.

3D-500 Counter-Drone Geofence 3D Radar System

SpotterRF 3D radar provides for radar coverage on three dimensions, unlike the more common 2D radar. The 3D radar provides elevation information with range and azimuth. Applications include drone detection, bird monitoring, defense, and surveillance.

The 3D-500 is the first 3D radar that creates a full-dome drone detection area from 0 to 90 degrees in the vertical and 360 degrees in the horizontal with a single radar that weighs 12 pounds. The 3D-500 (3D) radar measures latitude, longitude and altitude of all aerial targets in a 1 km wide hemisphere dome, even directly above the radar with no gaps in coverage.







Rapid threat assessment is simple with the automatic detection and 3D tracking of sUAS combined with fully automated camera cueing on the target. Manpower and cost are both reduced with this system while mitigating the threat of undesired aerial presence. Unaffected by lighting or noise pollution, the 3D-500 is the best drone detection sensor in the market.

SpotterRF, prevents incidents before they happen by creating and consistently improving the best compact surveillance radar on the market. They protect critical infrastructure, increase awareness, and save lives.

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