Adani Mobile Clinic

A world -class high -tech corporation with a full customer -focused disruptive innovation cycle working in security, medical and safety markets. Unique business model, exceptional combination of business areas, social focus addressing the global problems of society: security and safety of human life and health.

Vehicle-Based Mobile Multimodal Diagnostic Unit


  • The estimated throughput of the unit is 30 patients per day
  • The estimated throughput of the unit is 30 patients per day
  • Is supplied with disposable tools, materials and accessories enough for up to 10 days independent operation
  • Can be used in any climatic conditions and provides a high level of comfort for medical staff and patients
  • Can be operated both independently and in collaboration with the receiving medical facility
  • Extreme reliability to the external environment factors
  • 27 micron pixel technology for uncompromised imaging
  • Unbeatable compactness and robust desing
  • Quick return of investments due to effective cost and high throughput
  • Nonsensitive to temperature detectors

Vehicle-based cancer screening unit SCREEBEXPRESS RH (Reproductive Health) is designed for men and women screening (early detection) of reproductive system tumors, as well as diseases having various localizations.

The unit is equipped with medical devices for X-Ray, ultrasound, instrumental and laboratory examination, as well as with heat, ventilation and A/C systems and accessories.

Vehicle-Based Mobile Chest Screening Unit

Unit layout

  • X-ray chest screening system PULMOSCAN
  • Acquisition workstation
  • Waiting room
  • Washstand
  • Closet


  • Extreme reliability against the external environmental factors
  • Unbeatable compact and robust desing
  • Fully digital




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