Protect- Prevent – Analyze with thermal imaging cameras

MOBOTIX thermal solutions make the invisible visible.

MOBOTIX is clearly characterized as a pioneering global company that is developing solutions based on the German engineering especially innovative and of high quality. MOBOTIX is distinguished by its intelligent solutions that can be expanded virtually without limits and that guarantee long-term investment security.

Customized solutions based on MOBOTIX video technology not only provide comprehensive security, but also enable huge savings and profit potential, for example through process optimization.

These solutions not only add value to individual areas but demonstrate their quality and sustainability every day around the world.

MOBOTIX TR (Thermal Radiometry) technology allows the measurement of heat radiation in the entire image area and assigns a temperature value to each pixel.

Through the use of heat signatures and application of environment and application based ranges, MOBOTIX Thermal Solutions mitigates overheating, the risk of fire, identifies elevated temperatures and enables frontline defense in complete darkness as well like during the day.

With the MOBOTIX overlay, you can distinguish real events, risk areas and react faster while still having a safe overview of the area in question.

MOBOTIX thermal solutions can help analyze critical situations to decide on future actions. Measurement accuracy is increased through the use of a Black Body Radiator. MOBOTIX thermal technology is not a substitute for medical devices.

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