New solution for smart video surveillance and access control

Managing several security devices within an area can be a challenging job, many screens, different control points and wires everywhere, it’s not an easy task to do every day, because of this Tyco and Johnson Controls launched Tyco Cloud. The new solution for secure and smart video surveillance and access control systems. Tyco Cloud is already working around the world simplifying surveillance, optimizing access control, and providing powerful intelligence that improves security operations and helps with organizational efficiency.

Tyco Cloud allows you to manage an entire security system within the same interface. With this, you can easily control cameras, grant door access, and configure smart notifications for cloud-connected hardware and software.

Manage your security with custom floor plan views, maps, and dashboards that keep data organized as operations scale.

It’s powerful search and accessibility tools transform video surveillance images into actionable data and information.

Take advantage of a variety of analytics, artificial intelligence, and smart alerts to improve security operations and drive operational efficiency beyond physical security.

Just a few of Tyco Cloud highlights:

-SaaS benefits: The software updates automatically. New intelligence, updates and features are included in the software. Subscriptions without extra costs.

-Convenient shopping: Customers can choose to purchase new hardware in advance or through subscription options.

-Centralized management: Control cameras, doors, alerts, and permits in all your buildings from a computer, tablet or mobile device, from anywhere around the world.

-Faster intelligence: With the cloud, sharing information has never been faster. This increased speed and accessibility transforms video surveillance images into data that can be quickly distributed across entire organizations.

-Scalable operations: An unlimited number of cameras and access control points can be added to the software in a single instance. Custom floor plan views, map views, and powerful dashboards help keep data organized for one or thousands of locations.

-Streamlined Costs: Organizations typically see a reduction in the total cost of security by 20% to 30% by moving expensive on-premises security infrastructure to the cloud.

Use Your Existing Cameras

Tyco Cloud Gateways can connect almost every camera on the market today. Use your current cameras or buy the brands you like the most and have them all connected under one centrally managed platform.

No Network, No Problem
Cellular solutions plug into a standard power outlet and connect two cameras directly to the cloud using 3G, 4G and 5G networks. These are commonly used for gates, parking lots, remote properties, construction sites and other areas without typical network access.

Easy Video Storage
Store data locally using cloud cameras or choose from a variety of cloud gateways to meet any storage challenge. Cloud storage is available with 4K resolution for up to 5 years. Hybrid storage options are also available.

Smarter Security

Watch over more in less time by leveraging powerful analytics with alerts and custom views. Run motion analytics and heat map reports to seeing how people move through your buildings. Receive alerts when objects are remove or left behind. Leverage intelligent tools that know the difference between someone walking by or suspiciously lingering around and much more.

Healthier Operations:
The benefits of smarter technology extend beyond security. Keeping watch over business operations and being able to remotely grant access can increase operational efficiency. Tools like skin temperature alerts can help provide healthier work environments for employees, clients and customers.


Remove the security risk of lost or stolen key cards, fobs and physical keys. Securely, grant and revoke access. Set schedules to assign when and where people can unlock doors. Keep a searchable record that details when people access your buildings and properties.

Tyco Cloud moves expensive hardware and door controllers to the cloud, so even a small business with just a couple doors can afford remote access control.

Tyco Cloud access control can work in places without traditional network access such as remote gates, trailers, worksites, or sub stations. By leveraging the cloud, Bluetooth and mobile technology, people can simply use an App on their mobile device to unlock doors.

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