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ISTC brings to you one of the new SIMPLEX solutions ES NET

ES Net Features

ES Network (ES Net) is an IP-based fire alarm network with a high bandwidth (100 Mbps) that supports up to 99 nodes high bandwidth (100 Mbps) that supports up to 99 nodes and utilizes industry-standard network technology and industry-standard network technology and infrastructure for superior design and installation flexibility.

Network-wide system upgrade from a single point

ES Net allows you to apply software updates to all network nodes through a single download. The high bandwidth ES Net network can perform software updates to all 99 nodes from a single location at any node on the network in minutes, increasing system up-time and reducing business interruptions.

Simplex Fire 4120 Network Migrations

Use the TrueSite Workstation to integrate ES Net installations with existing 4120 networks. This allows a phased migration path for existing installations. In some cases, you may reuse existing network infrastructure and cabling to lower the migration cost of ES Net migrations.

Synchronization of network devices

  • It is not possible to perform network synchronization of notification devices on an ES Network; however, network synchronization of notification devices on an ES Network is not possible.
  • Devices on an ES Network; however, network synchronization of notification devices is provided synchronization for all notification devices connected to a single panel or node.

Advanced Diagnostics

ES Net provides advanced network diagnostic tools and reports that are easy to read. Detailed information about network communication health and status is available, allowing technicians to pinpoint problems and reduce the time required to troubleshoot network communication issues.

Medium Data transfer rate

  • Ethernet 100 megabits per second (Mbps), CAT5e or higher
  • Fiber optic cable 100 Mbps (single-mode or multimode fiber connection)
  • single-mode or multimode fiber connection)
  • ADSL 2 – 12 Mbps depending on distance (with 18 AWG cabling)
  • 18 AWG cabling)
  • Maximum 2 Mbps in ULC mode

ES Net Overview

ES Net fire panels feature powerful installation, control, and service

and service features with point and module capabilities suitable for a wide variety of system and installation for a wide variety of system applications and multi-site installations.

Supported panels and devices

  • 4100ES series fire alarm control units,
  • 4010ES and 4007ES
  • 4100ES Network Display Units (NDUs)
  • 4190 Series TrueSite Workstation and 4190 Series Incident Commander units

ES Net network configuration

  • ES Net supports Class X multi-loop or Class B linear lay network topologies.
  • Class B linear layouts. See Multi-loop topology support in

ES Net network.

Each ES Net node requires an ES Net network interface card (NIC). Network Interface Card (NIC) to send and receive data over the network (in some cases NICs may be required). (in some cases optional network interface cards may be required). control functions and information between nodes.


  • Native IP/Ethernet Core
  • Multiservice Support: GPON, XGS-PON, Combo PON, Active Ethernet, Carrier Ethernet, and Triple-Play Services
  • Scales up to 21,000 Subscribers Per Chassis
  • Non-Blocking, Multi-Terabit Switching
  • Open SDN Management via Mosaic Cloud Platform Plugin and Traditional EMS
  • Environmentally Hardened for Cabinet Deployments

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