Bringing together different aspects of security management can be challenging. Axiom stands up to the challenge by combining Access Control and alarm monitoring with video, Building Management Automation, asset tracking, guard tour and visitor

management, and many more important security functions into an elegant and versatile security management solution. Harnessing the power of Microsoft SQL Server™ and powerful MS .NET™ framework, Axiom is positioned on the cutting edge of modern security technology. Adding new applications and solutions is easy due

to the flexibility of the underlying software and hardware platform. Solid architecture and highly customizable, flexible user interface provides powerful tools for Enterprise Security management. Robust and highly sophisticated hardware implements a variety of flexible solutions at a firmware level. Designed and manufactured “in house”, Axiom offers unmatched longevity and will ensure a long life span for a security investment. Axiom provides a sophisticated yet affordable solution for systems of all sizes.

New features

Taking the best experience and functionalities of Integra32 and AxiomV, AxiomXa implements new capabilities focused on facilitating the work of the system administrators

Tile enviroment function

The perfect option for workstations with touch screens.

If you need to generate temporary or visitor access, AxiomXa has an easy access environment for touch screens, with just a few touches you can quickly generate permissions and many other functionalities.

Multiple theme options

Different themes to customize the software to your preferences.

AxiomXa has different themes that you can adapt to your company’s or administrator’s needs, we have made an effort to make the time spent in front of a workstation more comfortable.

Tailor the options you want to work with

Adapt or fix windows of interest into your work environment.

AxiomXa will allow you to move or pin the window sections you want to focus on, you can also customize the menus according to your requirements.

Incredible Technologies & functions

Fully integrated with the technology of blueLine™

blueLINE combines proven technologies of the past with the emerging technologies of today. Through one product line a customer can maximize the benefits of all credentials complying to ISO-14443 A & B, MiFARE, DESFire (EV1, EV2 & EV3), Fingerprint, OSDP version 1 & 2, Ultra-High Security Credentials (UHSC), Mobile Credentials, NFC and Bluetooth to create a customizable security solution that’s right for their infrastructure.

blueLINE has an ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing design that fits all solutions from the smallest user to the largest  corporation. blueLINE reads up to 128 bit cards.

Use the power of the ENet Communications

ENet is an eff icient and cost effective solution. ENet removes the need for proprietary 485 communications and leverages the internal LAN of a facility for connections between controllers.

ENet allows peer to peer communications from controller to controller over the LAN so that links flow seamlessly allowing lockdowns and other advanced functions to occur without relying on the server.

ENet increases the power of your system by using the processing power of each controller to create functionality like never before seen.

Modules & options

AxiomXa has a large number of modules and functionalities adapted to your requirements within your company, always thinking about the needs you will have in the future.

Video Management

The AxiomXa system provides direct access to DVR features from the System Status screen, with many features: Live video on screen, Event Log display, TCP/IP connections, Control PTZ on-screen, Interactive Maps, and History Report module.

Dynamic Mapping

Complete with manual or automatic display on alarm, mapping is enhanced by direct and full access to all control and configuration functionality, integration with live and event video for each device.

Interactive Guard Tour

To verify a door’s operation, presence of people in the area, or various other issues that can be out of normal order, a patrolling security officer is needed to make sure that these inspections are performed on time and in proper order.

Integrated Wireless Lock Support

As an accent to a hard wired solution or a total deployment of wireless lock technology Axiom interfaces with multiple brands of wireless locks simultaneously. This flexibility allows the right wireless lock to be used for the right application! Axiom provides complete monitoring of the wireless locks and all trouble conditions.

Asset Tracking

To prevent theft of your organization’s assets or to keep track of their current location, our Integrated Asset Tracking system is designed to help stop persons leaving with valuables they are not authorized to remove from the premises or move them to another part of your facility. Axiom will link individual assets with their owners and with pictures of both the protected valuables and their assigned owners.

Integrated Security Alarms

An extremely large number of unique alarm points can be monitored by an Axiom system. Each point can be fully configured for type of annunciation, priority, customizable action messages, ASCII output, CCTV trigger and executable links. Live graphic maps and color coded alarm handling instructions guide operators an efficient response to each alarm.

Multi-Site Control

An unlimited number of sites can be created, deployed and controlled by one Axiom System. Ideal for large corporations that span many countries and require central management.

Integrated Biometric Support

Multiple brands of biometric readers are integrated with Axiom. A variety of biometric technologies are supported: fingerprint, iris, palm etc. Using a combination of TCP/IP and OSDP / Wiegand connections allows to integrate virtually any upcoming or established biometric technology.

Hot Standby

For mission critical applications like Correctional Facilities, Museums, and Airports, Axiom has a Hot Standby option so that critical operations such as alarm monitoring can be performed in the event of server failure. The Hot Standby option is configured to constantly monitor the ‘primary’ server and automatically fail over and assume command of the systems operations in the event of failure

Car Park Management System-CMS

Multiple use parking lots can be a problem to manage but not with Axiom CMS. This module keeps track of each company’s vehicles and restricts the number allowed into the parking lot per company. This software module can be added to any existing Axiom system and uses the standard access control reader hardware already deployed, so there is no added hardware to install.

Central Station Monitoring

Via IP or a fully supervised dialer, Axiom will forward alarm messages to the Central Station in industry standard SIA format.

  • Real-time operation, works with PC down
  • Live location status, owner and asset image display
  • Easy to retrofit – multiple reader brands supported

Mustering/Evacuation Reporting

The current location of cardholders, area occupancy counts and listscan be easily accessed. Quickly set or  reset anti-passback for areas and cardholders. Configure the automatic printing of the Evacuation Reports.

Browser and Mobile Support

Configuring the Web Server on Axiom will allow operators to control and administer the security system via a web browser from any operating system.

  • Edit cards, schedules, access levels
  • Monitor and control doors, alarm points and relay outputs
  • Run database and activity reports
  • Use any browser

Photo ID Badging

Our Photo ID module provides an easy to use and powerful tool forcreating high quality, dual sided  personalized credentials.

  • Windows Printer support
  • Dual-sided Cards
  • Multiple Templates


  • Active Directory
  • ASCII Interface
  • API Available
  • Message Port
  • XML
  • OSDP

Elevator Control

AxiomXa can communicate with elevator controller via programmable ASCII (destination dispatch elevators) or input/output interface. Architecture employed makes it easy to add visitor access functionality to existing systems. Permissions are easily configured in “Access Level” screen.

Visitor Management

Security requirements of large organizations and facilities are always challenging, visitors must be screened, registered and signed in quickly in some cases with restricted access which is all possible using RBH’s Visitor Management System.

Electronic Building Access Request – EBAR

Gives ownership of the Access Control system doors to one or more personnel allowing them to manage their own cardholders from the companies Intranet.

  • Authorization accountability
  • Reduces Liability
  • Full logging audit trail
  • Work load distribution
  • Customizable to fit your companies Intranet

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