Phantom Technologies has been for the last 15 years a distinctive manufacturer of RF jamming products and solutions, tactical intelligence solutions and counter surveillance products.

Our main goal is to better serve our customers by first relating to the customers operational needs and budget restraints, as we manufacture a cost effective technological solutions/products that can meet and exceed customers operational and technological requirements.

Phantom Technologies provides prison solutions for dealing with prisoners illegal phones. The first is a jamming only solution and the second is called the Managed Access approach in which Phantom will provide prison authorities with the possibility to extract valuable intelligence from illegal phones operated by prisoners.

Phantom solutions for prisions, key benefits

  • Fast deployment solution
  • Advanced technological solution but with simple deployment
  • Cost effective solution
  • Doesn’t impede outside the prison communications
  • Adjustable and scalable – adding bands that needs to be jammed is usually easy to do (depending on the actual deployment and available room for solution enhancement)
  • Experience: Phantom’s solutions are deployed in more than 70 prisons throughout the world.

Prison Solutions

IMSI Catcher IMSI400

IMSI-catcher (International Mobile Subscriber Identity-catcher) is an eavesdropping device which intercepts mobile phone data (phonecalls, location, etc.).

SCJ1800 – Selective Cellular Jammer

The SCJ1800 is a Selective Cellular Jammer composed of two complementing systems, the first, the SMJ1890 that provides the jamming capabilities. The second, the active cellular system that provides the ability to connect to the regular cellular network when jamming is in session.

SMJ1890 – Cellular GSM Jammer

The SMJ1890 was designed for blocking GSM cellular network and all kinds of cellular standards in the world. The SMJ1890 uses state-of-the-art technology for maximum performance. The unit is controlled by a microprocessor for PPL & DDS programming.

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