Pioneering The Video Security Industry
With more than 20 years of experience, we know the special needs and the environment in various industries very well. The customized solutions based on MOBOTIX video technology not only provide comprehensive security, but also enable great savings and profit potential, for example, through process optimization.

Solutions for specific sectors

  • Healthcare Solutions For Healthcare
  • Industry & Production – Intelligent video technology protects your company and improves processes
  • Energy, Utilities & Mining – Great Responsibility Needs Great Solutions
  • Government – Cyber-secure Video Technology Protects People, Facilities, and Infrastructure
  • Retail – Safeguarding Revenue And Minimizing Costs in Retail
  • Educations and Science -Solutions For Education And Science

Mobotix 7

Simply by mixing different combinations of the three primary colors—red, green and blue—you can create every conceivable color on your screen.

We apply this principle of infinite possibility and flexibility in our new open MOBOTIX 7 video system platform.

Outdoor Cameras

Robust, Durable And Multifunctional. Weatherproof Complete IP Video
Systems For Everyone Who Wants More Than Just Standard Solutions.

  • High performance IoT Camera Mobotix M73
  • M16 AllroundDual
  • D16 DualDome
  • S16 DualFlex
  • V16 Vandalism
  • M26 Allround
  • D26 Dome
  • Q26 Hemispheric
  • S26 Flex

M73 High Performance IoT Camera
The M73 high-end IoT camera is the first MOBOTIX camera with space for 3 modules. It features the latest high-performance system technology. Thanks to modular MOBOTIX app support, it is suitable for almost any conceivable application.

M16 AllroundDual
Thanks to superb features, our flagship product delivers videos in brilliant color during the day and high-contrast black/white footage in dark settings. Switching between the day and night sensor is carried out in a fully digital manner without any mechanical parts.

D16 DualDome
It resembles a classic dome camera, but take a closer look: This is a genuine MOBOTIX system. The two lenses can be positioned independently from one another, enabling completely new image perspectives and applications.

S16 DualFlex
Thanks to its highly flexible design with especially compact camera housing and sensor modules that can each be positioned at a distance of up to 3 m, the S16 covers two areas at once – while remaining virtually invisible.

V16 Vandalism
Our bullet-proof, high-security camera system for high-risk areas of use. With its stainless steel armor and light-sensitive MOBOTIX video technology, the V16 maintains a constant overview inside and outside buildings that are at risk of vandalism.

M26 Allround
The full range of MOBOTIX HD Premium lenses is available for the M26: From our fisheye lens with a 180° field of view to the 7° telephoto lens, which can be used to identify a car’s license plate number even from a distance of 70 m.

Indoor Cameras

The Details Make All The Difference. Discreet, multi-functional video security and information systems – excellent quality at highly affordable prices.

  • C26 Indoor 360°
  • I26 Indoor 180°
  • V26 Indoor Dome
  • P26 Indoor PT

c26 Indoor 360°
For Quick Installation In Suspended Ceilings. With a diameter of 12 centimeters and a weight of approximately 200 grams, the c26 is the smallest and lightest hemispheric complete video system. It is particularly well suited for use in the retail industry: The camera can store customer movements in heat maps.

i26 Indoor 180°
The i26 is the discreet indoor variant for in-wall or on-wall installation. Thanks to a horizontal viewing angle of up to 180° and housing that is slightly aligned downwards, the system delivers high-resolution overview images of entire events.

v26 Indoor Dome
The dome camera, which is available in black or white, can be fitted with six different MOBOTIX HD premium lenses with fields of view of 103° to 15°. An on-wall set with an integrated microphone and speaker is optionally available, as is a vandalism set with a stainless steel ring and reinforced dome.

p26 Indoor PT
Thanks to the manual tilting and panning function, the lens can be adjusted very easily and precisely to the area to be monitored. The p26 is fitted with a super wide angle lens; when it is installed in a corner of the ceiling, it can monitor the entire room in high resolution.

Thermal Cameras

Thermal Temperature Detection, by using heat signatures and applying ranges based on the environment and the application MOBOTIX Thermal Solutions mitigate overheating, risk of fires, identify elevated temperatures and enable first line defense in complete darkness as well as during the day.

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