Learn about RBH`s solutions for private surveillance with a centralized system

RBH remains ready for the future by constantly improving its products, always seeking to satisfy their customer’s demands, this is how they have gained a privileged position at the forefront of security technology. RBH products are designed and manufactured with a future projection, until today their controllers and panels installed 15 years ago are still working with their latest software.

AxiomXa is a Business System for Security Administration designed by RBH, which aims to bring together different aspects of control and security in the same platform. AxiomXa overcomes the challenge by combining: access control, alarm monitoring integrated with video, building automation, asset monitoring, guard route, visitor management and many more integrated functions in a versatile and friendly platform

Flexible Platform: Leveraging the powerful tools of Microsoft SQL Server ™ and MS .NET ™, AxiomXa makes it easy to add new applications and solutions given the flexibility of your software and hardware.

With great capacity: Its architecture is consistent and customizable, with a user-friendly interface, it provides effective tools for Enterprise Security Administration. The robust and well-proven Hardware executes a variety of flexible solutions at a “firmware” level.

Being designed and manufactured “on site” AxiomXa offers unmatched durability while taking care of your investment in safety.

Scalable system: Its advanced infrastructure is designed to provide a scalable security solution that takes advantage of the Microsoft platform supporting Windows technological structures and “.NET” frameworks, fully integrated with Windows 10, and the family of Windows Server products for increased communications security and scalability.

Reliable Server

The individual components of the server, responsible for Client / User interaction, communication between drivers, messaging, and other functions, are native Windows services that start automatically and keep running even when the operator exits Windows. All functionality remains available whether one or multiple computers are rebooted.

Friendly interface

SQL Express Edition and Microsoft’s SQL Server allow the way for a system with a wide range of sizes, capacities and configurations. You can work with a single PC that manages the client and all the server components or a fully distributed system with multiple communication servers. AxiomXa is extensively flexible, expandable, and easy to maintain.

Interactive Maps:

Control all devices in the system online, from a dynamic map with just one click. The easy drag and drop interface allows you to design your own maps and import bitmaps or plans from AUTOCAD. Position and size the icons for each controller, gate, entrances / exits, cameras, and shortcuts to other maps.

Alarm Supervision:

A large number of alarm points can be monitored from the AxiomXa system. Each alarm can be configured by announcement type, priority, action messages, ASCII output, video trigger, and executable links.

Remote access:

It facilitates access to all the functionalities of control, configuration and integration with live video available from the Event Viewer. An unlimited number of sites can be created, deployed and controlled by an AxiomXa system. Ideal for large corporations that span many environments and require central administration.

At ISTC Corp we facilitate the acquisition of this equipment to improve your video surveillance systems.

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