Johnson Controls is a world leader in smart buildings, creating safe, healthy and sustainable spaces, and is part of the great brands that we distribute at ISTC.

For nearly 140 years, they’ve made buildings better and now they’re transforming them again with their award-winning digital technologies and services. They’re using artificial intelligence and data driven solutions to give you deeper insight into your building’s health, sustainability and performance. It’s changing the way they design, operate and maintain indoor environments and driving to a new era of autonomous buildings.

Johnson Controls offers the world’s largest portfolio of building technology, software and services.  One of its business lines is their DSC PowerSeries Pro, wich offers commercial grade security with PowerG technology. This is the first ever commercial grade security
system to harness the long-range communication technology of PowerG and is designed to handle large-scale installations.

Go Beyond Security

At Johnson Controls, our vision is a world that’s “safe, comfortable, and sustainable”—and our broad set of innovative security products and services focuses on what you need to make people, facilities, and assets safe.

We offer everything from access controls to intruder prevention, from video surveillance to cybersecurity. Operating in more than 150 countries with a global set of partners, we leverage the latest technologies to integrate our products and services into comprehensive, holistic solutions. We maximize safety, improve efficiency, and ensure business continuity, while at the same time innovating continuously to offer leading-edge solutions.

PowerSeries Pro

The system offers the highest level of cyber protection features and encryption technology
without the need for a wired communication path. PowerSeries Pro is developed for
commercial use and can support up to 248 zones, making it an ideal solution for
warehouses, office buildings, factories, and healthcare facilities.

Tyco security solutions' PowerSeries Pro includes built-in 128-bit AES encryption
technology, supports multiple third-party integrations, including Building Management
Software (BMS), as well as video and access control solutions to offer a versatile platform
for holistic commercial security. In addition, Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
technology repeatedly switches frequencies to minimize interference of radio signals and
prevent interception and obstruction during transmission. This is especially useful in
commercial integrations, where transmissions take place over longer distances, and in turn
require more planning to combat potential interferences security threats.

Requiring no drills, wires or repeaters, both residential and commercial installations are
hassle-free and provide all the power and security of a wired connection, without the wires.

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