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“New AI solutions provide the means to leverage organizations’ current investments in technology to further protect people, property and assets from new and emerging threats,” said Bill Brennan, President, Panasonic i-PRO. “At the same time, these very same AI solutions enable users to go beyond traditional security to deliver insights and intelligence enabling them to improve their business operations.”

While artificial intelligence offers the power to drive a vast array of analytics solutions, many of the newest technology developments have been driven by the security and health safety challenges faced by today’s businesses, organizations and government agencies. Privacy concerns around facial recognition, detection and identification of individuals not complying with face mask mandates, and detecting when an individual has an elevated body temperature are among the many areas of focus for i-PRO AI solutions.

3 Ways AI Magnifies Security

The idea of non-natural logical processing — systems replicating human thinking — goes back millennia, having appeared in both science and literature in various forms since ancient times.
Modern artificial intelligence, however, has been in development since the 1940s and was officially born when a study of the subject was commissioned in 1955. A workshop at Dartmouth College in 1956 was where the term was first coined.

“Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines, unlike the natural intelligence displayed by humans and animals, that involves consciousness and emotionality,” Wikipedia summarizes. Such tremendous strides have been made in the field of AI that it now is almost ubiquitous among solutions found in both consumer electronics and B2B electronics like security surveillance systems.

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AI-powered video surveillance systems do much more than simply operate faster and more accurately. When artificial intelligence is considered for how it improves a traditional video system, the answer is that it greatly magnifies its capacity — thus enhancing the operating power of every business that uses it. AI-based solutions help organizations leverage their current investments in technology. They also broaden the base of potential new users by solving a greater range of problems and extracting a greater quantity, and quality, of intelligence than any other technology solution has ever provided.
Three essential ways AI magnifies the power of security are by:

  • Providing solutions that solve specific security or operational challenges, such as those
    brought about by the current pandemic.
  • Providing autonomous-based security, essentially transforming video surveillance from a reactive solution to a predictive analysis solution.
  • Providing video surveillance systems with a very high level of business intelligence that can be amassed by users.

The current health crisis has brought about many changes intended to inhibit the pandemic. AI enables solutions that help users comply with pandemic-related requirements. For example, AI-powered facial recognition analytics will recognize and authenticate the identity of an individual even if their face is partially covered, even if they are at an obscure camera angle or if they have aged by many years. Non-mask detection is another indispensable feature enabled by AI, helping businesses that require masks to be worn comply with this requirement. In addition, assisted by the power of AI, video surveillance can automatically detect and identify people with elevated body temperatures and either restrict their access or redirect them to an area for additional screening. Additionally, with so much emphasis on facial recognition and discussion around privacy, a feature that redacts certain individuals’ faces from video footage allows the video to be safely used to apprehend suspects or as video evidence without concern.

The new i-PRO S-series surveillance cameras represent a quantum leap in performance. They deliver the ideal combination of superior imaging technology, advanced camera analytics, video management system (VMS) integration and cost efficiency for numerous applications across virtually every vertical market.

The new i-PRO S-series surveillance cameras represent a quantum leap in performance. They deliver the ideal combination of superior imaging technology, advanced camera analytics, video management system (VMS) integration and cost efficiency for numerous applications across virtually every vertical market.

The artificial intelligence (AI) processing embedded in our premium cameras is now available in our flagship line of mid-range cameras, the S-series. The new i-PRO S-series features a built-in AI processor that transforms these advanced surveillance cameras into edge-computing devices, allowing a variety of applications to run simultaneously.

Users can select and install the third-party analytics and applications they need without relying on a cloud- or server-based connection. This enables the new i-PRO S-series cameras to meet the requirements where “decisions” have to be made, at the edge.

In addition to enabling advanced analytics at the edge, the AI processor found in the new i-PRO S-series cameras provides stronger H.265 coding efficiency and image processing optimization to help conserve valuable bandwidth and recording storage space.

It also has stronger image processing optimization to adapt to the dynamic changing scene environment, such as a backlit daytime area, low-lit room, or night vision.

By optimizing image settings, including shutter speed, auto exposure and gamma correction, the new S-series produces a clearer image with less noise to help identify people and objects in low-light conditions.

Introducing the new i-PRO S-SERIES

The new i-PRO S-series cameras also feature sound classification analytics when used with an external mic to set alarms for specific sounds, such as gunshots, screaming, vehicle horns or glass breaking. The added dimension of sound further increases situational awareness beyond the visible viewing area of these intelligent edge solutions.

The new i-PRO S-series is also compatible with i-PRO’s Active Guard, providing an easy-to-use search function to quickly find specific people or vehicles through i-PRO’s Video Insight (VI) and Genetec VMS platforms. This powerful search feature eliminates the need to log into each camera separately to search for events and objects, increasing response times and enhancing overall safety and security.

Currently available in three models, indoor dome, indoor vandal dome and indoor box, the new i-PRO S-series cameras come bundled with AI software analytics, a five-year warranty and a Video Insight VMS camera license. The new i-PRO S-series cameras are also fully compatible with existing S-series mounts and brackets.

With premium features now available on our most popular cameras, the new i-PRO S-series is setting the standard in surveillance cameras.


  • Built-in AI processor provides advanced edge computing
  • Allows for installation of third-party analytics
  • Analytics do not require cloud or server connection
  • Delivers stronger H.265 coding efficiency
  • Enhanced dynamic range for challenging lighting conditions
  • Superior image quality provides better identification
  • Audio classification triggers alarms for specific sounds
  • Analytics-driven search function by camera for VI and Genetec VMS platforms

Next, we will introduce you to the AI ​​solutions that Panasonic i-PRO has for you:

Face recognition

Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Corporation of America announced that they have been named as one of Security Sales & Integration’s Top 30 Technology Innovations of 2020 award winners. The honor was given to i-PRO’s facial recognition solution, which automatically compares a person’s face using live or recorded video from Panasonic i-PRO cameras to a database of enrolled faces and performs notification and alerting when there is a match.

“We are thrilled to receive yet another award for our facial recognition solution, which is delivering higher levels of security to numerous organizations,” said Bill Brennan, President, Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Corporation of America. “This is additional validation demonstrating our commitment to delivering the best technology solutions for security and public safety.”

i-PRO’s facial recognition solution employs deep-learning technology to deliver the unbiased accuracy that facial recognition demands today. It can detect and authenticate individuals after years of aging and changes in appearance, such as surgical masks, hats, sunglasses, changes in hair style or wigs, gender concealment, beards, etc. You can use live or recorded video, even if captured at obscure camera angles, and compare as many as 10 million records in seconds, and you can enroll up to 30,000 faces into a watch list with an optional license. GDPR-compliant privacy protection is assured via end-to-end SSL communications and fully encrypted data. The National Institute of Standards and Technology rated i-PRO’s facial recognition the “world’s highest rated facial recognition engine.”

To ensure smooth and easy integration, i-PRO’s facial recognition solution seamlessly integrates with the entire i-PRO solutions portfolio, as well as with third-party software platforms and camera systems.

Security Sales & Integration’s Top 30 Technology Innovations of the Year recognizes key trends reflected by the industry’s best products and resources. As a channel-focused publication, SSI honors the solutions that most benefit dealers and integrators, enabling them to grow their business, optimize installations, deliver systems monitoring and service, and improve profitability.

Mask Detection

The WV-XAE203W Extension Software adds non-mask detection to your i-PRO network camera with AI engine.
Install the software on your camera to enable the AI non-mask detection function to send notifications to external systems (i.e., NVRs, Video Insight VMS) when a person without a mask is detected (Available only in the United States).

  • Deep-learning and proprietary image processing technologies recognize mask and detect people who are not wearing them
  • Simply install the software on your network camera with AI engine and the camera will detect individuals who are not wearing mask by displaying a pop up alarm notification on your system

Artificial intelligence – video motion detection

The WV-XAE200W AI-Video Motion Detection (AI-VMD) extension software license is included on all X-series cameras. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) differentiates between vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, and humans. It detects and sends warning notifications when a specified area is entered, people loiter or an object is detected.

An alarm can be issued when a moving object enters a specified area.

Alarms can be issued for various conditions:

  • Loitering – occurs when a moving object enters a specified area and stays there for a specified amount of time.
  • Direction – occurs when a moving object enters a specified area and moves in the specified direction.
  • Cross line – occurs when an object moving in the specified direction crosses a specified threshold.

AI Privacy Guard

The WV-XAE201W extension software is used with i-PRO AI network cameras. The AI privacy guard function detects and pixelates faces or persons to prevent individual identification.

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