Backed by strong edge devices, advanced image analysis technologies and AI, with a history of more than 60 years of technical innovation and pursuit of quality, a thorough “visualization” of information has been achieved that previously could not grasped. Linking that information to the customer’s work flow contributes to building a safety infrastructure in a variety of worksites, from manufacturing, financing, and medicine to retail, service, and public institutions.

ISTC brings to you the new and unique 7-year warranty on the i-PRO camera.


Today we introduce the i-PRO Endurance 7-year camera warranty on the entire line of i-PRO surveillance cameras. Exceeding the market standard five-year warranty gives the exclusive i-PRO channel a significant competitive advantage over integrators offering other solutions and a higher close rate in bidding scenarios. It is available immediately to customers and partners in the U.S., Canada and Latin America.

For customers: longer technology cycle, greater confidence

  • Enables a 40% longer technology refresh cycle.
  • Helps customers avoid unplanned replacement camera purchases that impact their budgets.
  • Superior engineering reduces the occurrence of failures that can expose critical infrastructure to physical security threats.

For partners: increased profitability

  • Reduce labor and costs associated with equipment replacement by offering service contracts.
  • Advanced replacement units so cameras can be replaced simultaneously with de-installation, saving additional trips to the site.
  • Longer technology cycles facilitate better collaboration around budget allocation and upgrade path.

All i-PRO cameras purchased in the U.S., Canada and Latin America by customers and partners after April 1, 2023 will automatically receive a warranty extension from five to seven years.

As is standard practice, restrictions apply to certain models, specifically i-PRO PTZ cameras, which will have a 7-year general warranty, but fans, motors, slip rings and lens assemblies will have a 5-year warranty.

The i-PRO Endurance 7-year camera warranty underscores our confidence in the quality of our cameras. We are committed to offering new products that exceed our customers’ expectations and provide our partners with confidence and conviction in the products they represent.

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Remember ISTC is the only distributor of the i-PRO brand for ALL LATIN AMERICA.

Always committed to offer integral solutions for all industry sectors in Latin America and the Caribbean. 


S-series | Indoor Model


  • 2MP
  • 21x optical zoom
  • Durable Pan/Tilt gear mechanism


  • 2MP
  • 40x optical zoom
  • Durable Pan/Tilt gear mechanism

U-series | Indoor Model

  • WV-U61300-ZY
  • WV-U61300-ZYG
  • WV-U61301-Z1
  • WV-U61301-Z2

S-series | Outdoor Model

  • WV-S65340-Z2N
  • WV-S65340-Z2K
  • WV-S65340-Z4N
  • WV-S65340-Z4K

U-series | Outdoor Model

  • WV-U65300-ZY
  • WV-U65300-ZYG
  • WV-U65301-Z1
  • WV-U65301-Z1G
  • WV-U65302-Z2
  • WV-U65302-Z2G

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