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As Canovate, we owe our position as one of the leading companies in our field to our world-leading research and development and innovation-oriented studies. Thus, we are proud to be one of the top 10 global companies in the world in terms of technology and product portfolio.


We offer innovative solutions for those who want to pioneer the industry with digital transformation, shape their services with big data, establish more efficient data centers, benefit from the possibilities of the internet of things, and for different areas of industry


As Canovate Elektronik, we are breaking new ground in technology with our vision for the future, our solution-oriented perspective and our investments in research and development. Our passionate, knowledgeable and experienced staff, our advanced level of expertise and solution partners play an important role in our success.


With our new and integrated solutions, we aim to provide services that include fast, innovative and efficient technologies and to play a global role with our technology in different fields of industry.

The technology that shapes, transforms and changes the world’s past, present and future is one of humanity’s greatest powers and is advancing at an extraordinary speed! Those who produce technology and innovate shape our world and our lives. Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 applications, 5G technology, digitalization, big data and artificial intelligence studies leave their mark on the future…


We are one of the world’s top 10 global companies:

We are proud to be one of the world’s top 10 global companies in terms of technology and product portfolio, along the way we have started to believe in the power of knowledge, technology and R&D since 1979. We operate on four continents with our modern 40 thousand square meter production facility, high quality production standards and a wide product range of over a thousand products for different industrial areas.



Innovative, original, result-oriented, distinctive products and solutions for different sectors in the field of technology!



We produce the future of technology, not the technology of the future.



Ideal, integrated, flexible, end-to-end structured cabling solutions are at Canovate Elektronik.



In the developing world, “knowledge” is currently the most valuable asset.


Modular UPS


Canovate’s modular on-line double-conversion UPS is designed for sensitive electronic devices and designed for data centers, computer systems and critical equipment. With hot-swappable power modules, ratings range from 20kVA to 200kVA, or 30kVA to 300kVA, offering the ultimate in flexibility, reliability and functionality, at an affordable price.


We combine state-of-the-art three-level IGBT technology along with DSP control arithmetic. Together with high input power factors, low THD and high system efficiency, we achieve very high load adaptability for all types of loads. Our modular design ensures reliable and trouble-free operation. Power expansion through additional power modules produces 200kVA or 300kVA power in a single frame. Possibility to connect three frames in parallel to reach the maximum power of 600kVA or 900kVA in a single UPS system.





Modular Design

Hot-swappable power modules allow for power expansions and easy system maintenance. Independently controlled modules help avoid the risk of single-point failure. If any module fails or is disconnected, the system continues to operate and continues to supply power without interruption, providing a high level of reliability and protection.

Easy operation and installation Our designs offer flexible installation to reduce start-up

Our designs offer flexible installation to reduce start-up time, improve reliability, and facilitate maintenance and monitoring to provide the best possible protection for the power supply. With the large LCD touch screen panel, users can easily access power module and system information.

Intelligent battery management

Each UPS module has a built-in super charger, and the power reaches 3200W. With 10 UPS modules installed, the total rated charging power is up to 32 kW. The charger is controlled by DSP with intelligent digital arithmetic to prolong battery life.


All power modules, as well as the system, are simultaneously protected by hardware and software. All industry standard protection functions are included, such as abnormal current and voltage, temperature, short circuit and more. The combination of these technologies allows the system to reach an incredibly high level of protection.

High power density in our modular UPS

With a single cabinet reaching 300kVA, a single system reaching 600kVA and parallel systems reaching up to 900kVA, these systems fully meet the high density requirements of modern data centers.


With intelligent sleep technology, the power module sleeps and wakes up in shifts when the load is less than 10%. The wake-up time is less than 20 ms.

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We are a distributor of security, automation and connectivity products.

With almost 30 years of experience, we are a leading company in the market offering innovative products and services in IP Video Security, Access Control, Fire Detection and Suppression.

We are committed to offering comprehensive solutions for all industry sectors in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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