Bosch Building Technologies: Safeguarding the Future

Over the last century, Bosch has continually strived to meet one of humanity’s fundamental needs: safety. One hundred years later, this longstanding commitment continues under the name of Bosch Building Technologies. In order to achieve this, Bosch has within its portfolio video systems, intrusion alarms, access control, fire alarms, public address and voice alarms, conference solutions, management programs, among other services.

Their video systems solution is extensive, however, the ones that stand out the most are:

Dinion Inteox 7100i

They are designed for high security or traffic control applications that require long-range detection and classification. Its exceptional low-light imaging performance coupled with application-specific artificial intelligence ensures maximum reliability in extreme environments. IVA Pro Perimeter Pack is pre-installed, which is highly sensitive to motion and nothing escapes detection, including professional intruders crawling, rolling or cloaking. It also provides enhanced metadata such as GPS location and speed while only relevant events trigger alerts to minimize false alarms.

Flexidome Panoramic 5100i IR

This camera has a 360° panoramic view with 6 MP and 12 MP sensor resolution without blind spots, it is optimized for all lighting conditions with integrated infrared and high dynamic range. Features client-side or edge dewarping for easy integration and flexible viewing and recording, integrated Intelligent Video Analytics and Intelligent Audio Analytics to trigger relevant alerts and fast data recovery, and has a compact design that is vandal and all-weather protected.

Autodome 7100i (IR)

They feature IVA Pro, a dedicated video analytics expert suite that delivers reliable and accurate classification for city surveillance, traffic monitoring, and long-distance perimeter detection. To further improve reliability, these cameras are equipped with a unique positioning system. The cameras will always hold their position and provide consistently stable images despite power outages, excessive force, and vibration. To ensure relevant data is captured 24/7, the AUTODOME 7100i (IR) camera portfolio offers ultra-HD 1080p and 4K resolutions, Starlight technology and optional IR models. To save valuable time while maintaining security standards, the cameras employ a simplified installation concept and do not require calibration for person or vehicle detection.

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