Belden designs, manufactures and markets a comprehensive portfolio of networking, security and connectivity technologies and products across a variety of industrial, enterprise and professional broadcast markets.

Recognized for quality, performance & enabling an increasingly connected future.

For over 100 years, customers seeking unsurpassed signal transmission performance have counted on Belden.

Our networking, connectivity and cabling products are recognized for highly reliable data & AV signal transmission. We proudly serve a variety of global markets including discrete manufacturing, process facilities, energy, mass transit and commercial enterprises such as data centers, government and hospitality.

We’re able to meet the most demanding standards for data, sound and video applications given our global commitment to product design engineering, manufacturing excellence and continuous improvements. All Belden products are engineered and manufactured to the strictest quality standards earning us an unmatched reputation for global reliability and performance.

Hirschmann – The Technology and Market Leader in Industrial Networking

Hirschmann has continued to innovate, finding new ways to keep your operation running smoothly. With expertise earned by experience, Hirschmann products deliver high transmission speeds and unmatched reliability in even the harshest industrial settings.

Hirschmann Essentials Everything you need to build a reliable industrial network a BELDEN brand.

When you need industrial automation and networking system for mission-critical applications, trust Hirschmann to deliver secure, reliable and unified data communication solutions.

The Hirschmann portfolio of network deployment and connectivity solutions covers virtually all requirements for today’s complex industrial network infrastructures. As pioneers in advancing Ethernet as a common industrial communications protocol, our Hirschmann team continues to innovate new ways to increase operational reliability across discrete, motion, process and drive-control applications.

With expertise earned by experience, Hirschmann purpose-built technologies are guaranteed to enable secure, real-time data exchange between machines, systems and enterprises—in the harshest industrial settings.

Our Synergy Ensures Continuous Performance

With the Hirschmann and Tofino Security product line additions to the Belden offering, our line of complete industrial solutions is uniquely positioned to provide the best network and communications infrastructure possible. Belden products and systems expertise mean that you can maintain ongoing operations without interruption and costly downtime – in any environment. Here are a few more reasons why Belden is your best choice for industrial networking, communications and control:

  • We have the expertise to integrate your industrial and commercial networks.
  • Our products are engineered to perform in the harshest and most demanding environments.
  • We offer the broadest selection of products, for a complete, end-to-end Ethernet solution.
  • Our sales and engineering professionals can audit, recommend/design, configure and assemble the products and systems to your specific requirements.
  • Our global manufacturing, distribution and support network makes our products and services available to you globally.

Offering Comprehensive Service & Support

Belden recognizes that comprehensive expertise is necessary to ensure an optimized, homogenous solution. We also know that consultation, support and training requires more than just a general understanding of the products, technologies and market trends. It requires a solid understanding of the application and the ability to provide the type of support that is needed – when and where it is needed. It requires the four key service and support areas that are critical to success:

  • Network design consulting
  • Training
  • Technical support
  • System performance

Industrial Networking Solutions from Belden

Belden has brought together a comprehensive line of industrial cabling, connectivity and networking devices, offering the most reliable communications solutions for your application. Whether you are networking your devices to the controllers, connecting the controllers to the control room, relaying data between the control room, the engineering department, and remote manufacturing sites – or all of the above – Belden has the products you need to seamlessly connect your communications. From the petrochemical, automotive, pharmaceutical, power generation, pulp and paper, metals, food and beverage, or general manufacturing plant to the corporate headquarters – and everywhere in between – Belden has your signal transmission solution. Belden offers the most dependable network and communications system performance in tough and mission-critical environments.

High availability for graphical user interfaces and the network

Belden Inc., a global leader in signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, has introduced HiView in the EMEA region, a new tool that gives access to the graphical user interfaces (GUIs) of managed switches in its Hirschmann™ range, without the need for a web browser. This tool, which supports a variety of Windows and Linux operating systems, also serves as a client for the network management software Industrial HiVision. Java libraries no longer need to be installed on users’ computers, thus increasing the availability of both the user interface and the network.

Since the new tool records all the necessary information in an internal folder, it neither needs to be installed, nor does it modify any registry entries on the computer. Alternatively, HiView can also be run from portable storage media such as USB sticks or SD cards.

A selection screen shows you all the switches that have recently been accessed, sorted by the number of accesses. You can click on any desired switch to open its graphical user interface. For increased security, it is simple and convenient to view the security certificates of both the products and the Java library. HiView will automatically use the most secure communication method, without additional input from the end user.

With HiView, Belden is launching an interface that for the first time can be used to directly access the GUIs of the switches in its Hirschmann™ range. “We have invested a lot of time in developing a unique automation tool,” says Product Manager Mark Cooksley. “Many users prefer not to have a web browser installed on their computers for security reasons, but they still want to take advantage of the products’ intuitive and user-friendly graphical user interface.”

Hirschmann Managed Switches

Belden offers a broad portfolio of ruggedized managed Ethernet switches that are engineered for reliable performance in harsh industrial environments. With Layer 2 (data link layer) and Layer 3 (network layer) options, you’ll find just what you need in our Hirschmann product family.

Lite Managed Industrial Ethernet GECKO Switches

As one of the smallest Managed Industrial Ethernet switches on the market, GECKO switches not only ensure reliable data communication, but also offer diagnostic, redundancy and security functions at an excellent price-performance ratio. They set new standards in the sustainable reduction of operating costs.

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