BDCOM is an Asian manufacturer of network devices with more than 30 years of experience and a great position worldwide. It offers high-quality network systems, especially switches for data centers, with high specifications, enterprise switches, L2 and edge switches, as well as GPON and EPON solutions (OLTs and ONTs).

ISTC has the distribution for all of Latin America and the Caribbean, in addition to providing engineering support to all its project opportunities.

Switches Ethernet L3

BDCOM has in its portfolio high-capacity L3 Ethernet Switches designed to support high traffic and have a high processing demand, they are equipment designed for DataCenter environments that have 40G and 100G interfaces and that allow future growth thanks to its modular construction.

For this, BDCOM has available the SW S9500, S8500E family, which will reach a switching capacity of up to 56 Tbps, complying with all international market standards and protocols. BDCOM presents the S9500 line as the most robust and with the highest throughput capacity.

SW Family S9500, S8500E

Some of the most recognized and most demanded products, not only for their quality but also for their benefits and accessibility, are distributed by ISTC, we have experienced personnel with high engineering development to provide support from the design stages to the implementation.

Top Products

Data-center Core Switches

Chassis Core Switch

Carrier-class Core Switches

Carrier-Level 100G Aggregation Routing Switches

Full-10G Aggregation Routing Switches

Next-generation 10G Routing Switches

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