BDCOM is an Asian manufacturer of network devices with more than 30 years of experience and a great position worldwide. It offers high-quality network systems, especially switches for data centers, with high specifications, enterprise switches, L2 and edge switches, as well as GPON and EPON solutions (OLTs and ONTs).

ISTC has the distribution for all of Latin America and the Caribbean, in addition to providing engineering support to all its project opportunities.

With "Profesional Network Technology" as its business’ philosophy, BDCOM has devoted itself to research and develop communication products for more than two decades. It has witnessed every progress of Chinese communication industry.

Today: Adhere to technology innovation and social contribution, BDCOM is striving for an international provider of data communication products.


A new generation of high-performance data center full-scale 10 TOR switches for high-performance cloud computing, data center and high-end campus networks




“Advanced Hardware Architecture Design & Industry Leading Processing Capacity”

BDCOM S9500 Series is a new generation high performance core switch oriented for high performance computing, data center and high-end campuses. S9500 Series adopts advanced hardware architecture design.

S9500 Series supports up to 56Tbps switching capacity, 576 10G ports, 192 40G ports and 48 100G ports. Besides, it is to be configured with 256 100G ports in the future.

  • 100GE Data Center COR switches
  • Advanced Hardware Architecture and Industry-leading Port Density
  • Carrier-Level High Reliability
  • Varied Service Characteristics Versatile IPv6 Solution Complete Security Mechanism


BDCOM P5520 Series complies with IEEE802.3av and P.R.C intercommunication standard (YD/T 1475-2006) and supports CTC3.0. It can automatically discover and is compatible with ONUs of different manufacturers. It is also fully compatible with 1G EPON ONU. It can be used for establishing efficient 10GEPON solution.

BDCOM P5520 Series supports the downlink 10Gbps/ uplink10Gbps, 1.25Gbps PON transmission rate, efficient bandwidth usage and Ethernet services, helping carriers to provide reliable services to their users.

Its coupling ratio ups to 1:128, and its support of different hybrid ONU networks minimizes the carrier’s investment. With the edge-cutting technologies, BDCOM P5520 Series is strong in functions. Afewof its functions such as QoS guarantee, SLA and DBA can be easily listed out.


  • EPON: P5520 Series abides by IEEE802.3av, PRC Community Industry Standard (YD/T1475-2006) and China Telecom EPON technological requirement CTC3.0
  • System capacity: P5520 Series supports 8 10GEPON ports.
  • Uplink interface: P5520 Series supports 4 GE optical ports, 4 GE Base-T ports, 4 10 GE SFP+ ports.
  • Dimensions (W×D×H): 1U, 300mm; the device occupies a small space.
  • Trunk optical fiber protection: P5520 Series supports link automatic protection switching in case of optical fiber malfunctions
  • Power supply characteristics: P5520 Series supports dual AC, dual DC and AC/DC dual power supply. Its power supply adopts the modularized design and supports hot swap and EMC3 standard. Compared with the similar products, P5520 Series can be better adaptable to the environment.

Switches Ethernet L3

BDCOM has in its portfolio high-capacity L3 Ethernet Switches designed to support high traffic and have a high processing demand, they are equipment designed for DataCenter environments that have 40G and 100G interfaces and that allow future growth thanks to its modular construction.

For this, BDCOM has available the SW S9500, S8500E family, which will reach a switching capacity of up to 56 Tbps, complying with all international market standards and protocols. BDCOM presents the S9500 line as the most robust and with the highest throughput capacity.

SW Family S9500, S8500E

Some of the most recognized and most demanded products, not only for their quality but also for their benefits and accessibility, are distributed by ISTC, we have experienced personnel with high engineering development to provide support from the design stages to the implementation.

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