We are the exclusive distributor of the ADTRAN brand and this time we bring to you, the small OLT.

  • Our SDX 6324 hits the sweet spot for low density deployments.
  • Transform your operations with AI-driven management
  • Our SaaS applications help you get the most out of your network with actionable insights

Intelligent Wi-Fi designed for service providers

Intellifi® is a complete connected home solution designed specifically for communications service providers (CSPs). As part of our Mosaic One software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, Intellifi® enables you to deliver an intelligent, secure and personalized Wi-Fi experience to residential subscribers.

Fiber monitoring for PON networks

News Brief:

  • CSPs need the ability to quickly locate faults in their PON networks, but this has been too costly and complex.
  • Adtran’s ALM fiber monitoring platform now features deep PON assurance for granular and actionable information about PON networks.
  • New technology will dramatically shorten repair cycles and improve customer experience, while reducing costs and environmental impact

Adtran today announced the extension of its ALM infrastructure assurance solution, which enables simple and cost-effective fiber monitoring of passive optical networks (PONs).

Already widely deployed in other types of network architecture, the technology now provides deep PON assurance, enabling communication service providers (CSPs) to monitor their entire PON infrastructure for failure or degradation.

Until today, securing PON networks was challenging and costly. Now there is a simple, cost-effective way to leverage real-time information so that maintenance teams can quickly locate and resolve problems before they affect customers.

PON networks are critical to delivering high-speed connectivity to millions of homes and businesses. The ability to comprehensively monitor this essential part of the network will provide major benefits in terms of performance, reliability and sustainability.

Adtran builds on 30-year legacy of U.S. telecommunications equipment manufacturing through strategic investment to support historic deployment of high-speed Internet

Adtran is expanding its current U.S. production of optical line termination (OLT) equipment and preparing for onshore manufacturing of optical network terminals (ONTs).

Customer focus

Truespeed believes that everyone has the right to broadband. That’s why they are building a full ultrafast fiber network across the southwest of England. Together, we’re helping communities and businesses create a new chapter of opportunity.

SDX 6324

Advancing Rural Connectivity with Small Scale Deployments

The industry focus has always been on medium to large-scale deployments, making it difficult for operators to deliver cost-effective services to subscribers in sparsely populated rural locations. Operators urgently require strategies to address small-scale deployments without sacrificing the ability to scale for the future. Our latest open, unbundled OLT, the 4 Gbit/s, 6324-port Adtran SDX 10, is designed to meet this need. By reducing initial upfront costs, it enables operators to achieve rapid coverage of FTTH networks in a high-capacity, low-density, small form factor solution. In addition, its advanced Combo PON technology offers simultaneous GPON and XGS-PON connections through a single port.

Pay only for what you need

The days of wasted ports are gone. Our 4-port OLT offers a cost-effective, low-density solution in a small footprint that allows you to optimize your space and power consumption.

Small size, big impact

Deliver high-performance services to up to 500 subscribers with our high-capacity solution in a space-saving 1RU form factor. Using a distributed access architecture, the SDX 6324 not only improves network reliability, but also minimizes the impact of large-scale outages

New fiber opportunities

Larger operators often overlook rural areas. As a result, many rural subscribers remain unaware of their poor quality Internet connectivity compared to surrounding urban areas. For any operator looking to move to fiber-based deployments, our SDX 6324 is your key to expanding fiber reach beyond conventional boundaries.

You get what you pay for

“Good enough” is not good enough for your subscribers. There is value in quality. Don’t trust your network with a cheap and fast solution that will give you unimpressive results. Our SDX 6324 is a testament to our world-class engineering that you can rely on for years to come.

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