Having a consumer exposed to a lot of information and different options of new experience, has made the market change faster than usual.Seeking to solve needs and attend users that ask for personalized service but are less attached to brands.

That’s why established a connection with the customer and the brand is so important, to ensure the continuity of consumption and understand that today fidelity depends on more than one factor.

In 2020 at International Security & Trading Corp We will be 25 years old!, more than two decades where we have experienced different stages: We project, evolve, transform… as a result we create a leading company in the market, always offering the best products and services to our clients based in their needs.

Our commitment with them continue. Therefore, during this year we are going to continue growing and implementing new technologies, with the aim of providing innovative solutions of security, automation and connectivity to all industry sectors in LATAM and the Caribbean.



Participate in different tradeshows and roadshows, focus on different verticals such as Hospitals, Construction, Hospitality, Retail, Mining-Oil and gas. Also strengthen new, current and specialized solutions that provide increasingly cutting-edge systems.