RBtec is a leading technology company specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of quality outdoor perimeter security systems. RBtec provides reliable, effective and affordable solutions suitable for any site where perimeter security system is required. Their portfolio of technologies include fence protection, buried sensors and underwater security systems.


  • Government/ Military/ Borders
  • Substations
  • Solar Farms and Photovoltaic Power
  • Ports
  • Correctional
  • Facilities
  • Airports



The Ironclad is a sensor cable that is attached to the fence to detect any cutting, climbing, lifting or jumping off the fence. A single run of the cable in the middle of the fence will detect the whole height of the fence up to 10ft against any intrusion attempt. The system designed to connect to any alarm system and is able to retrofit to old or new burglar alarms/DVR/NVR/SCADA systems.


With the longest fiber optic monitoring capabilities in the market the RaySense provides 100% perimeter coverage for long range applications with no gaps between sensors, the cable is the sensor. The system detects and locates intrusions based on signature data base to avoid any false alarm. Long range fiber security system requires no power in the field and installation minimizes the need for trenching and expensive installation methods.


The Seismo is an outdoor buried security system integrated with RBtec Vidalert software that allows to monitor and locate intrusions within 20’/6m with a visual alarm on the software screen. The Seismo is installed underground and is able to recognize footsteps, vehicles movements or digging. Seismo is resistant to extreme environmental conditions such as weather & temperature changes and can work in large variety of terrains with no interference by vegetation or strong winds.


the Marinet is the ideal solution for both under and above water perimeter protection. a fiber optic cut-through detection alarmed underwater security barrier, it’s designed for anti swimmer, diver, frogman net. The system is a crisscross array of electronic fiber optic net reinforced with Kevlar and steel cable which is designed to prevent any undetected breach from occurring.

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