Pro-Watch Intelligent Command by Honeywell is a powerful platform transforming security and taking the Pro-Watch Integrated Security Suite (ISS) to new levels.

Intelligent Command combines access control and video management in a single, intuitive view to optimize security situational awareness and make properties more secure.


Remote Accessibility

  • Web-based application
  • System health dashboards
  • Building safety compliance dashboards
  • Customized salvos and priority sequencing Rapid Incident Response
  • Customizable workflows
  • Attach and export evidence
  • Mobile app supported
  • Search and Filter functionality for prioritized alarms management
  • 12+ local languages Robust Map Navigation
  • Connected security across geolocations
  • GIS online map support including OpenStreetMap
  • Multi-layered floor plans support Centralized Device Management
  • Bulk camera firmware update
  • Bulk password maintenance update
  • Role-based operator privileges


Pro-Watch Intelligent Command is designed for organizations with multi-geo locations who need wide area and high-density surveillance coverage to monitor, protect and mitigate security risks. Productivity and area security coverage is optimized through Pro-Watch Intelligent Command’s thin-client remote access that helps to also lower operational costs.

Seamless situational awareness and safety simplification with user-friendly map navigation capabilities, rapid response incident workflows and intuitive system health dashboards makes Pro-Watch Intelligent Command the desired integrated security solution of today and for the future.

Pro-Watch provides an Integrated
Security Solution for the financial

Powerful security that safeguards your buildings, protects your customers’assets and enhances your regulatory compliance.

PRO-WATCH helps improve transportation safety and security.

Never has monitoring the safety and security of transportation been so important. Managing people flow, identifying potential exposure to risks and detecting non-compliance to evolving regulations can present challenges for airport operators.

Pro-Watch Identity Management Assurance enables airport security managers to resolve the many challenges involved in verifying the identity and backgrounds of the large number of personnel and contractors passing through an airport facility.

Health Care facilities can rely on Pro-Watch Integrated Suite for protection

The future of health care is now. Transform your operations with safe, sustainable efficiency. The hospital of the future is ready for you.

Bring all security events together with the power of Intelligent Command

With Pro-Watch Integrated Security Suite, you can now experience multi-site centralized security within one dashboard. Improve situational awareness from the seamless integration of all its security solutions and have complete visibility into your connected systems.


Protect your facilities in the best way for you

Managing your access control system will no longer tie you to the office computer. Now you can conveniently manage your day-to-day system needs from your mobile device. WIN‑PAK®’s web-based solution consumes less memory than Apps and offers a similar interface on any device.


  • Integration of access, video, intrusion and fire* systems through the same interface
  • Coordination of intrusion, access or fire events* with video actions to maximize information.
  • Video visual verification pop-ups with stored images to confirm cardholders.
  • Mobile credential management via WIN-PAK
  • Direct management of biometric readers using the HON‑FIN4000 reader/controller.

Increases situational awareness and eliminates costly false alarms

  • Disarming of the intrusion system by passing any valid card in an access control reader.
  • Arming of the intrusion system by passing a valid card three times in an access control reader.

 Minimizes start-up and user training costs

  • Intuitive web interface for access management, with integrated help tool

Expandable as your business grows

  • No restriction on the number of card users and system users
  • Multiple accounts and sub-accounts support an unlimited number of hubs and hotspots.
  • Supports up to 40 recorders, 2,560 cameras, and is now compatible with Honeywell Performance Series NVRs

Minimize the acquisition cost of servers

  • Compatible with VMWare 6.5 that allows you to take advantage of existing IT resources

Minimize maintenance costs and system monitoring

  • Customizable and automated system reports with email delivery
  • Carrying out daily access control tasks from anywhere using the web interface
  • Includes API for custom integration with third-party systems.

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