ISTC’S new partneship

RBtec, Perimeter Security Systems, new strategic partner for ISTC Corp

Miami, FL. May 01, 2017 – ISTC Corp is pleased to announce a new partnership with a leading technology company specialized in the design, development and, manufacturing of quality outdoor perimeter security systems, RBtec.

RBtec has been in the industry for more than 30 years providing reliable, effective and affordable solutions suitable for any site where perimeter security system is required.

RBtec provides commercial and industrial solutions for Ports, Correctional Facilities, Substations, Solar Farms, Government, among others.

Both companies are very optimistic about this new partnership, one thing that they have in common is that they both focus on offering 100% customer satisfaction.  ‘This partnership allows us to continue expanding our portfolio and offering our clients innovative solutions for every necessity. Perimeter security, after video surveillance and access control is vital in every industry, it is used to protect the safety of citizens, private property, infrastructure, and to control illegal immigration in some cases. Solutions like the ones RBtec offers are a priority for government entities   ’ – Augusto Perez, CEO of ISTC Corp.

ISTC offers system design, training and technical support, which is the company’s big differentiator. ‘With the manufacturer’s support and the ability of our sales team, this partnership will be a great success, Mr. Perez affirms.

About ISTC Corporation              

ISTC is a distributor of cutting edge security products, dedicated to offer integrated solutions to clients. ISTC has a perfect combination of tools that has allowed it to position itself as a leading company in the industry; A portfolio of the best brands in the security field, a professional team with extensive knowledge of the market, local technical and logistical support,  and more than 20 years of experience. ISTC has presence in Latin America and the Caribbean. In addition to products, ISTC also offers to its costumers consulting and learning tools. ISTC’s headquarters are located in Miami Florida with 8 additional offices strategically located in:  Mexico City, Monterrey, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Sao Paolo. For more information visit:

About RBtec              

RBtec is a manufacturer of perimeter security systems since 1986, Our range of solutions ranges from fence, buried and underwater security solutions based on copper, fiber, magnetic, seismic and more.

With over 30 years of extensive security knowledge, vast field experience, and technical expertise RBtec is a world leading technology company specializing in design, development, and manufacturing of outdoor perimeter intrusion detection solutions.

RBtec offers reliable, effective, and affordable security solutions suitable for any site where perimeter security system is required.

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