The Future of Security Technology

Honeywell has been a pioneer in the security industry for achieving the development of several products that revolutionized traditional residential and commercial security systems. Providing the industry’s most reliable wireless products, as well as the most versatile hybrid control panels on the market. And also, remaining updated on long-range radio tools, Internet alarm communications, and sensor technology, including their best-selling glass break detectors.

Honeywell Security products comply with the ISO-9001 standard that categorizes each system to ensure its quality level. Inside their vast solutions and services portfolio we can find:

Connected Building

Affordable, integrated, web-enabled information system for flexible, ‘always-on’ building control.

Access control systems

These systems are carefully designed to integrate with others, offering the layered technology you need to offer sophisticated security, this feature covers from the simpler solutions to the most complex. Within this category, the following items stand out:

Integrated Security Software: WIN PAK ®

Hardware and Control Panels: MPA1 / MPA2 / NetAXS 123 –PRO4200

LobbyWorks® Software, visitor management.

Readers that includes proximity equipment: BR7 / OmniProx Series ™ / OmniClass ™ 2.0

Credentials: OmniClass and OmniProx


Honeywell Security Sensors run evaluation processes and technology-based developments that exceed industry standards for performance and quality. They securely transport data to a trusted platform allowing the operator or user to check every detail. Ensure safety on your spaces with:

Unified Security

Within this product line, every system is designed to work simultaneously without difficulties, providing the technology that your company needs to offer the best security, from access and intrusion management to video surveillance solutions such as:

Pro-Watch software



Smart controls





Self-registration kiosks

Video Systems

Honeywell´s Video products provide a reliable identification of possible threats to internal and external security, keeping spaces and the people in them safer, as well as providing a record of all operations performed in the location including employee’s activities. Products such as:

EquIP® Cameras

30 and 60 Series IP cameras

Thermal Cameras


Solutions for every space

Los productos mencionados son óptimos para todo tipo de instalación, edificio o institución, incluyendo:



Health & Hospitality







Critical infraestructure

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